Christmas Quilt's

Christmas Quilt's
Christmas Quilt's 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quilts, Quilts & More Quilts!

So, this year I thought it would be fun, and a good idea, to make quilt for Christmas. I have no idea what I was thinking!!! After much thought, I decided that I would only do them for the kids. So that leaves me with 4 1/2 months to make 9 quilts (oh and 2 costumes for haloween). I have faith in my dedication and my will NOT to quit! I will get them done on time!

Ok, so I have a game plan. I will (try to) do one a week and give myself all of october to to costumes. if I stick to the plan I should be able to get them done on time. This week I started and have almost compleated my first quilt. It is a princess and the frog themed quilt. I have chosen three different flannels-lilac, purple P & F and pink P & F. I have also picked a heavy fuzzy green blanket type fabric and for the back I selected an all over print of P & F flees.

I am very excited to show all my finished quilts! I will post them as I finish.

Till next time, have fun sewing!

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