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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feet Warmers

A few weeks ago I went to a craft fair and met an older woman (cant remember her name) who was selling aprons and we started talking about sewing. One conversation led to another and eventually we started taking about Christmas gifts and She told me she made feet warmers for her family. I was so excited about the idea, I couldn't wait to make my own. I did end up having to wait because I was still working on Christmas quilts (first priority) and then we were out of town. So I finally got around to making them and I love them! I put mine at the foot of the bed and it keeps my toes warm all night.

All you need to do is sew together either, one long strip of fabric on three sides or sew two pieces if fabric together on all four sides.

•turn the fabric right side in.

•Sew the sides (and bottom if useing 2 pieces of fabric) and the top. Make sure to leave an opening so you can turn it inside out.

•Before closing insert rice (i used white rice) through the opening. I filled it about half way.

• If you'd like to make a strap, you could put it in before closing.

• Sew the opening closed and your all done.

Warm it in the microwave for one minute and enjoy! Remember, don't add anything that might damage your microwave to your foot warmer!

Till next time, have fun sewing!
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