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Christmas Quilt's
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Monday, January 16, 2012


I just wanted to share this fun project with you. I made one of these for a friend of mine and decided that "maybe I should make one for myself." And so I did.

Want to make one yourself?
This is what you need:
-a tea cup
-a piece of fabric
-a styrofoam ball
-a few scraps of batting
-thread and needle
-a gule gun and glue stick

Step 1
place the cup upside down on the fabric and draw a circle about four inches bigger than the cup. Cut the circle out.

Step 2
Turn the fabric wrong side up. Place the scraps of batting on the fabric. Then put the foam ball ontop of the batting.

Step 3
Sew the fabric closed around the ball and batting. I sewed it like I would sew a yoyo (running stich, then pull it closed).

Step 4
Once you finished with your the fabric section put it aside, but keep it close.

Get your glue gun ready. Once its hot glue the bottom and rim of your cup. After its glued push your fabric ball into it and hold. When the glue is dry your done.

I do hope you enjoy making your own.

Till next time, have fun sewing
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  1. oh I like that idea and love your mug...will have to go hunting

  2. hi your pincushion is beautiful, and i loved the jeans cup¡¡¡
    have a nice sewing day

  3. Charming pincushion. Thx for sharing photo and instructions ; )

  4. What a great pincushion! That tea cup is too precious and perfect! I just joined the parade too. We have had a lot of snow and I have some time stuck in the house to check out some new blogs. Your raggy hex quilt is fabulous! What a great idea!!! I also really like the border of your blog - so cheery!Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Marissa, I love your pincushion! Uniquely, the cup is beautiful! and the fabric is going perfect! I congratulate you! greetings, Rose M.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pincushion! I have some cups that would work great for this and I love pincushions.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Its my best friend when I am sewing.

  8. That pincushion is just the cutest thing! Thanks for the tute!

  9. This cup is so cute. I've never seen one like it. I can see I need to visit the thrift store next time I'm in their area. Fun, fun.